Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless Water Heater Installation

The mere thought of having to take your bath with really cold water probably gives your goosebumps. It is true that water heating is one of the largest expenses faced by homeowners. There is also a time restraint factor associated with water heating. You have to use it as soon as possible or else it will get cold once again. At the same time, if you are in a hurry to go somewhere urgent, having to waste time heating water will naturally get you irritated. The best solution to all such problems is to opt for tankless water heating solution. This type of a water heater will help you enjoy hot water whenever you want, that too, without wasting time heating the cold water.

What Is A Tankless Water Heater And How Does It Work?

If you flip through the pages of history, you will come to know that the first tankless water heaters were used in Europe. However, in this modern era, such water heaters are widely used in most corners of the globe. As the name suggest, tankless water heaters do not store water in a tank. It heats up water almost instantly and it provides heated water whenever the need arises. Tankless water heaters come with a specially designed device, known as the heat exchanger. This device is located in the main unit of the water heater. As you turn on the tap, cold water enters the heat exchanger and gets heated instantly. The result is warm water flowing out of the tap.

There are several other home appliances that come with a heat exchanger. These include the likes of air conditioners and refrigerators. The heat inside the heater shifts itself from one point to another due to the presence of the exchanger. In order to enjoy hot water during winter months, all you need to do is set the desired temperature of the water and enjoy your bath.

How to Find the Right Tankless Water Heater Installer?

If you have decided to install a tankless water heater at home, the next challenge for you would be to find the best installer for the job. It is needless to say that you will come across many such installers. However, the best will always the job properly and will also train your family members on how to use the water heater the right way. Here are some simple ways to find the best tankless water heater installer in your town.

Ask Your Near And Dear Ones:

Has your neighbor or friend or family member recently installed a tankless water heater at home? Are they happy with the installation and the installer’s behavior? If they are, then why don’t you ask the same installer to do the installation job for you? This way, you will be assured of a proper job, the charge for the job, and also the way the professional goes about with his work.

Internet to Your Rescue:

The internet holds the key to an ocean full of doubts and queries. Take some time out from your busy schedule and search online. You will surely find a few good and reliable tankless water heater installers in town. Ask them relevant questions pertaining to the installation, the cost for installing the heater, and so on. Then, choose the professional who quotes the best charges and also has proper knowledge of installing such a water heating system.

Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

It is quite clear by now that using a tankless water heater can be very convenient. However, when it comes to benefits, the list is not at all disappointing either. Some of the key benefits of using such water heating systems are discussed below.

Save Your Money:

It is true that tankless water heaters come with a heavy price tag when compared with ordinary traditional water heaters. However, when it comes to long term savings, no other heater can be compared to tankless ones. Water heaters that come with tanks will naturally store hot water for a certain time. However, if you use it quite late, you will have to heat the water once again. This naturally increases your power bill. Tankless water heaters heat up water as and when you need. This saves a lot on power bills and ultimately helps you save in the long run. Tankless ones use almost 10% to 50% less energy than ordinary heaters.

Save Space:

Traditional water heaters tend to consume a lot of space in your bathroom. If you opt for a traditional water heater with a capacity of 40 to 60 gallons, it will take up almost 2 feet by 5 feet of space. On the other hand, tankless ones usually take up space that is needed for a home computer.

Better Life Span:

When you compare the longevity of a tankless water heater with any other water heater such as those with storage tanks or solar powered heaters or heat pumps, you will come to know that tankless ones last much longer and come with a better life span. Tankless ones last almost 20 years without giving any type of problem to users. On the other hand, traditional ones last almost 5 to 10 years.

When you decide to buy a brand new tankless water heater for your personal use at home, the cost of the system may surprise you a bit. However, the lifetime savings that you can enjoy will also be a pleasant surprise for you. Most of the time, you may find reliable and experienced installers if you talk with the storeowner. This will help you save a bit on installation as storeowners provide free installation to their buyers. Once the entire system gets installed and you start using it, you will understand why people prefer tankless water heaters over traditional ones.

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