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Water heater problems are self-evident. It means, whenever there is a problem with the heater, you can either hear it, see it, or sense it. Some common residential plumbing problems include failure to make hot water, leakage, dripping water, or weird sounds coming from the heater. Let’s not underestimate on how they look. Some of these problems are actually very serious than what they appear to be. At Sayan Plumbing, we can help you fix these problems before they get worse. Here are some common water heater problems that our technicians can fix for you, of course alongside with other problems

No Hot Water

This is the most common water heater problems. It also means that your water heater is not working at all. The solution to this problem depends on the type of your water heater.

Our technicians will check the type of water heater you use, whether a gas or an electric water heater. Depending on the type of water heater use, our technicians will deem the best solutions required to get the hot water flowing again.

Not enough hot water

If you are experiencing this problem, do not hesitate to reach Sayan Plumbing. We will deploy our best technicians within a few minutes to help you.

After arriving at your place, the first we do is check the water temperature coming out from your heater. Our standard procedure involves adjusting the temperature dial and check whether it changes the water temperature or not. If the problem still persists, our technicians will perform the following treatments to solve your problem.

If the unit can’t make enough hot water

The dial is usually causing this problem. Therefore, our technicians will check this part before proceeding to the next step. Also, we will make sure that your water heater doesn’t leak. If the dial is still working fine and there is no water leak, we will clean any mineral deposit in the heater tank in case it is the one causing the whole problem.

The temperature and pressure (TP) gauge may also cause this problem. To make sure of it, our technicians from Sayan Plumbing will make sure this gauge is working fine. If it does, you can rest easy because your problems are now fixed. Next, you have to test the valve that controls both temperature and pressure. You can do this by lowering and lifting the handle. If everything works fine, you should see water draining from the overflow pipe.

The temperature is too high

If you are experiencing this problem, our experts from Sayan Plumbing will first adjust the thermostat to see if it causes the problem. Some thermostats may get loose after years of usage, so it may need to be adjusted.

If there is too much hot water coming out from the faucet or you can hear a boiling sound inside the heater, your unit may not shut off well at its set temperature. In this case, we will fix your heater’s TP (temperature-pressure) relief valve. Depending on the problem and condition of this part, we may need to replace it. Please don’t do this by yourself because it can be very dangerous since you are dealing with hot water.

The water smells bad

If the water started to smell bad, it may be related to the water source or your unit. Copper, iron, zinc, and other minerals can cause water discoloration. If these minerals exist in your water source, you will need a water filter to make sure all these minerals are filtered before entering the tank.

If the problem only occurs with hot water, most likely it is caused by a reaction between the water and your heater’s anode rod. This reaction will only happen if there is a high concentration of sulfates in the water. To fix this problem, our technicians from Sayan Plumbing will empty your hot water tank to clean any mineral deposits. If the problem persists, we will help you change the anode rod.

If your hot water starts to smell like garlic, there may be something wrong with the pilot light. To fix this problem, our technicians from Sayan Plumbing of Bergen County will help you to turn off the gas valve and turn it on again after a few minutes later. However, there are worse cases when the scent is still there. In this case, our technicians will require you to clear the area for any risk of gas poisoning. We will help you ventilate the are and turn off your gas supply valve immediately.

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