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Sump Pump Installation

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Sump pump is a great tool to keep your basement from flooding. You may have heard that installing a sump pump is easy if you know how to do the job, but we always recommend hiring local plumbers do the job. At Sayan Plumbing of Bergen County NJ, we can install your sump pump in no time.

Below we outline the process that this project takes.

Planning the location

After arriving at your place, the first thing our technicians do is locate the best place to install the sump pump. The ideal location should be at the lowest point at your basement, close to outer wall of your house, and close to an electrical outlet. Choosing the lowest point at your basement is crucial because we want the water to naturally drain to this point. This step will save much of your time, so you do not have to think how to get the water there.

Digging the hole

Once we have located the installation point, our technicians will begin outlining the digging the place where we will put the tank. We will also make sure there is enough gap between the tank and the outer outline to give space for the gravel. We need the gravel to keep the tank in position.

To perform this job, our technicians are equipped with the best tools and technologies. You may have to stay away during the process when our technicians are digging the hole to prevent any casualty. It may take several minutes or hours, depending on your basement, to make the hole deep enough to hold the tank. It will depend on the type and size of sump pump you choose. At the end of this process, our technicians will level the bottom of the new hole and put some gravel to keep the tank steady.

Preparing the lump and liner

In every sump pump installation, our technicians follow every instruction provided by your sump pump manufacturer. We have specific SOP to make sure your sump pump is perfectly installed. This is the safest way to install the unit and make it work seamlessly.

After putting the tank in the new hole, our technician will make sure the tank is at a steady position. Usually, we do this by filling the outer perimeter with coarse gravel. At the end of this process, we will pour concrete mix to the outer perimeter to make it even more solid and steady. At this end, your tank is well secured under the ground, but to make it more beautiful.

Positioning the pump

Next step is connecting the pump. Based on the manufacturer’s instructions, our technicians will find out the ideal type and size of discharged plumbing, including the connections. In most cases, we will use a 1 1/4 -inch or 1 ½-inch PVC for this. However, at the end, it will always depend on the instructions as the size and type may vary from one manufacturer to another.

After our technicians have the discharged pipe, the next step is attaching it to the pump. Once they are done with this process, they will take the sump pump and place it inside the liner before leveling it. This process will complete once your pump floats perfectly. It is a crucial step, therefore our technicians from Sayan Plumbing will make sure the pump to float perfectly as this mechanism controls the automatic on/off.

The tank is now ready. The next step is the pipes. Our technicians from Sayan Plumbing will route the pipes until they reach the exit point. This process may involve cutting a hole through your wall to create an exit point for the tubes. Once the pipes are ready, our technicians will glue all these pieces together using PVC cement. Depending on the situation, we will also secure the pipe by using plumber’s tape until they are tight enough to the framing members.


Your sump pump is ready now. To make sure everything works fine, our technicians from Sayan Plumbing will perform an initial test by placing 5 – 6 gallons of water into the tank. Once the pump is connected an electrical outlet, it should start working draining the water out of your house. The installation is now complete. Thanks to our technicians from Sayan Plumbing, you can now rest easy and let the pump does the tiring draining work for you.

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