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As a homeowner, you will eventually face with some plumbing problems, especially if you are living in an old house. Even though some of these cases are quite easy to fix, we do recommend hiring professionals to deal with the problem for you, here at Sayan Plumbing we are special people with necessary skills and experiences to deal with any plumbing problems.

So, what kind of problems can we fix for you? Here are some:

Leaking Taps and washers

Leaking taps and washers are annoying. Without an immediate fix, the water will endlessly flow and increase your water bill spending. There are several things that may cause this leakage, but do not worry. We can fix this problem for you in no time. We’ll check every possible cause including loosen faucet or any broken part and quickly fix them in no time.

Drain flies

They maybe not dangerous, but sure are annoying and disgusting. Drain files usually indicate there is an organic buildup in your plumbing system. Without an immediate fix, this buildup may clog the tubes anytime soon. So, yes, for some reason, seeing them flying around in your kitchen or bathroom is a good sign.

We can fix this problem for you. Do not worry, we will not use any pesticide because it will only keep those bugs away. At Sayan Plumbing, we always treat the main cause of the problem, which in this case, is the organic buildup in your plumbing. We will clean every inch of your plumbing to remove the organic buildup and drive the insects away.

Smelly drains

Are you getting some unwanted smells recently? Perhaps there are some problems with your pipes. Dirty pipes are usually the common cause of these bad smells. Luckily, we can fix this problem for you. We use the best tools in the market to make sure the bad smell won’t come again.

Clogged rain gutters

Rain gutters are perfect tools to collect water off flow. However, the bad news is, they are also excellent tools to collect dead leaves and all other things, which will eventually clog it. If you don’t clean the gutter immediately, the leaves and other things up there may cause seepage and water damage. It may seem simple, but if you ignore this problem, you should expect some water damages to appear in your house, especially in areas you want to remain dry through the whole year.

We always recommend to our clients to clearing the rain gutter at least twice a year or more if there are many trees around the house. However, if you haven’t clean the channel for quite a time or if you don’t have time to clean it, we can do the job for you. Cleaning the rain gutter can be risky too since it involves working over the ground.

At Sayan Plumbing, we just don’t clean the gutters for you. We will also check for any possible cause of this problem. Perhaps there are some particular reasons for those leaves to clog your gutters. With your permission, we can fix this problem for you in no time. Once we completed the job, you will have your clean rain gutters back to normal again.

Be careful with your trees

Trees are great landscaping elements for your house. They will certainly make your home look beautiful. However, you should be careful of their roots. We’ve been dealing with several cases when tree roots penetrated our client’s plumbing system. This is not impossible at all. Some trees have long and huge roots that may get into your underground tubes and break them.

Since this problem usually occurs underground, you may not notice anything about it, but rest easy. We can also check this problem for you. At Sayan Plumbing of Bergen County, we commit ourselves to fix every plumbing problem you have, including this annoying root problem. We will make sure every tube in your system is clear from any possible root penetration in the future.

These are the most common plumbing problems we ever deal until today. If you experience any of these problems, please don’t hesitate to reach us. We will get to your residence as quickly as possible because plumbing problems are serious problems. You don’t want to ignore these issues because they can break your house from the inside.

So, that’s it. Whenever you need plumbing solutions, make sure you are ready to contact us

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