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    Water leak is sure troublesome. It can rapidly increase your water billing without any notice. There are several ways that can help you detect water leak. We always recommend you start by checking your water meter before contacting a plumbing company in nj These steps can help you detect water leaks by checking your water meter.

  1. Make sure no appliance or person uses the water from inside and outside your house.
  2. Check for any movement in your water meter dial. Wait for a few minutes and if the dial is moving, even though no one or nothing uses the water inside and outside your house, you have a water leak.

If you have a leak, it may indicate a bigger problem in your plumbing. We recommend reaching the best plumbing service in your area to fix the problem.

Leaking faucets

Leaking faucets are usually caused by a worn rubber washer. Even though the causes are usually minor, please do not underestimate this problem. Call us at Sayan Plumbing so you can get rid of this problem right away.

Leaking toilets

Leaking toilets are serious because it can waste a lot of water without notice. It only takes a small leak to make the water flows continuously to your toilet. The worst part is you will not know anything about it until it is too late.  The good news is you can leave this problem to us at Sayan Plumbing.

After our technicians arrived at your house, they will confirm that your toilet is leaking. After getting a positive confirmation, they will fix the toilet. The whole process usually takes no longer than 1 – 2 hours. All you need to do is rest easy as our technicians fix the problem for you and it will never come again.

Flush handle problems

Flush handle may also cause water leakage in your toilet. There are several causes that may lead to this problem, but usually the flush chain and level bar sticks to one another. If you are experiencing this problem, do not waste your time as the problem may get worse. Do not hesitate to reach us at Sayan Plumbing, We will immediately deploy our best technicians to fix this problem for you in no time. We will make sure this problem won’t come anytime soon.

Overflow tube leaks

Ideally, to keep your toilet from overflowing, the water level should be always kept even with the fill line. A fill line is a clear line that you can find on the back of your toilet tank. Usually, the fill line is 0.5” below your toilet overflow tube. If there is too much water in the tank, it will eventually spill into the overflow tube. Things can get really messy if the tube starts overflowing. If you are experiencing this problem, don’t waste your time and quickly reach us at Sayan Plumbing. Once our technicians arrive at your house, we will locate the problem and fix it immediately so you can use your toilet as usual.

Other water leaks

In most cases, water is delivered with pressure, so the easiest way to detect a leak is by using this pressure. However, in some cases, like wastewater, the water is delivered by gravity, instead of pressure. This is the reason wastewater leaks are much harder to spot. If you believe you are dealing with a wastewater leak, you have to call for the best plumber in your area to deal with this problem immediately. If you currently live in Bergen County, you can reach us at Sayan Plumbing, the best plumbing service in the county.

Our experts will detect every possible cause and post that may lead to that leak. Some of them may be visible to our eyes, but the most dangerous ones are those we can’t see with bare eyes. Water leaks also usually involve multiple locations. For these reasons, we always recommend to hire the best plumbing service to deal with these problems.

At Sayan Plumbing, we have everything you need to fix these problems, from the best experts to cutting-edge technologies. You will not realize when we are done fixing the problems as we work quickly and efficiently. We don’t waste your time and those problems have to be fixed immediately to avoid them getting worse.

Our company hires the best local plumbers NJ and offer sewer cleaning, leak detection and water heater repair for  your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

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