Home Remedy for Clogged Drain

Home Remedy for Clogged Drain

Home Remedy for Clogged Drain

So, your drain is clogged? Don’t get stressed. It happens sometimes. Drains get blocked due to a number of reasons- food particles, hardened grease, hair or even soap residue.

You can use many techniques to unblock your drain before calling your local plumber. Lucky enough, you may have everything you need to do-it-yourself in your home.

You need to assess the situation before starting to unblock your drain. Get to know if your drain is partially clogged or completely clogged. Your drain is partially blocked if it passes down little water. However, if no water goes down the drain, it means it is completely blocked.

How to Handle a Fully blocked Drain

In case you have a fully blocked drain, grab your toilet plunger. Yes, it will work perfectly to unclog your sink. First, fill your sink with water about five to six inches high. Sometimes, unclogging your drain can be messy. Therefore, make sure to wear your raincoat at least or cover yourself with a towel.

To successfully unclog your drain, cover the opening of the drain completely with your plunger. Press and pull repeatedly for around ten times. Plunging enables you to transfer energy through the drainage to remove the clog. Your plunger should be therefore full of water instead of air to exert force on the clog. If the drain starts to drain the water slowly, it means the drain is partially clogged. Add more water and plunge continuously for it to unclog. If the water in your sink drains rapidly, you have successfully unclog your drain.

If you have only managed to unclog your sink partially, don’t be hard on yourself. At least you are steps closer to unclogging your drain.

How to unclog a partially clogged Drain

You need not worry if you have a partially blocked drain since there is some home remedies right in your kitchen. Below are some of the methods you may consider using for your partially clogged drain.

Hot Water

Hot water is the best to remove clogs caused by grease. This method is not as easy as it sounds! You need to pour boiled water into your drain. Using cold water only makes the situation worse than it was before. It hardens the grease thus making it difficult to unclog.

Pour the hot water into your drain so that it can melt the grease and grime. When the sink starts to drain the water slowly, repeat the process until it is fully unclogged.

Use Pepsi or Coke Soda

You may only know Pepsi and Coca-Cola as ‘soda.’ But the two can also be a great solution to your clogged drain. They work better than chemically manufactured clog remover products.

For Pepsi and Coca-Cola to work, you need to pour it down the drain at room temperature. Give it time to fizz and bubble as it is working its magic to unclog the drain. After an hour or two, rinse your drain with hot water.

Why does Coca-Cola or Pepsi work? The two soft drinks contain phosphoric acid that works to remove the gunk in your drain. It is more effective than using lemon juice.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate. It works well in removing grease. You can use baking soda not only to unclog you drainage but also cleaning almost everything. You can use it to prevent your fridge from smelling, doing laundry and also scrubbing shiny surfaces. In fact, it can work well for your smelly drainage.

Here are three baking soda mixtures that you can consider using for your clogged drainage.

  •    Baking powder with Vinegar

Baking soda mixed with vinegar makes an amazing solution to unclogged drains. First, pour the baking soda down the drain and then follow with vinegar. Leave it overnight and flash it with hot water the in the morning.

  •    Baking Powder with Salt

Mix water, baking soda, and water in the ratio of 1:1:4. Pour this mixture into your drain and leave it overnight. Use hot water in the morning to flash your drain.

  •    Washing Soda with Hot water

Mix equal proportional of washing soda with hot water and pour the solution down your drain. Let the mixture rest in the drain overnight and use hot water to flash your drain in the morning.

Now that you have successfully removed the clog from your drain, you will need to be extra cautious in what goes down from your sink. Always keep your sink free of debris. Scrape off any food particles from your plates before rinsing them in your sink.

At least pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar once a week to prevent any future blockages. If you are not able to unclog your drain, you can call Sayan Plumbing to help you. All the best in unclogging and maintaining your drain!

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